Lineage’s media studio provides professional-quality production services with a focus on 360-degree and holographic video. Our crew can shoot both in house and on site.

Studio Services

We want to bring your vision to life—whether it’s a 30-second commercial or a full-length film—and we use the highest quality tools to get there. Each project may include a variety of our services, including:

  • Studio production
  • On-site production
  • Talent sourcing
  • Long- and short-form storytelling
  • 360-degree and holographic video formats

Our Production Process

When you contact us about your production needs, our team will review your request and put together an estimate for your project. We’ll then set up a billable in-person or video-chat consultation to go over the project together: we’ll use our expertise to speak into your vision, and we’ll come up with a customized, detailed plan together.

Out of that conversation, we’ll develop a document putting your ideas into print, as well as a final quote and contract for the full project.

We Want to Work with You

Fill out our contact form or shoot us an email at with any information on your project. We’ll be in touch within a few business days to further discuss your options, and from there, we’ll map out your vision and get started together.