Fully Equipped to Tell Your Story

Our video and media studio is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. It’s equipped with four 4K cameras and 21 Microsoft Kinect cameras to capture data points surrounding each subject on green screen. This technology allows us to create high-definition 3-D holographic video that can be placed into VR/AR applications. We also house the OZO, the centerpiece of our studio, which we use to produce 360-degree video and soundscapes.

With state-of-the-art technology and equipment, we produce astounding media products specifically for VR/AR, 3-D imaging, and 3-D prototyping, as well as standard video and audio recording, photography, engineering, editing, and postproduction work only available through a limited number of studios worldwide.

We were accepted into the Microsoft Windows Insider program, among the first 100 developers in the world to receive the developer version of Microsoft’s AR headset, the HoloLens. We were also accepted into the Nokia Pioneer Program, making us one of the first media producers with Nokia’s professional-grade, feature-film-quality 360-degree, 8k camera, the OZO.

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