Many of our clients are stepping into the development world for the first time. It’s our honor to help you bring your business—and dreams!—to life. So how does that happen?

Step 1: Conversations

The first step is just us talking. We set up three to four one-hour conversations to work out what exactly what it is you’re building and determine whether or not Lineage is the right partner for you.

Step 2: Scoping Document

Out of the conversations, we develop a scoping document that puts your ideas into print. This document becomes the agreement upon which we build your project—and the budget.

Step 3: Pre-Production

The real magic begins during pre-production. In this four- to six-week period, our staff is working full time on your project, creating designs and writing stories in preparation for the first lines of code to be written!

Step 4: Development

Once you have signed off on the design’s stories, we move into development! We’re an agile shop, meaning you get to see the progress every two weeks, help set priorities, and make changes on the fly.

Step 5: Delivery!

Once you’re ready and satisfied with the development, we turn your product on live for the world to enjoy.

We Want to Work with You

Fill out our contact form or shoot us an email at hello@lineage.solutions with any information on your project. We’ll be in touch within a few business days to further discuss your options, and from there, we’ll map out your vision and get started together.

We’ll bill you $5,000 per man month of development work, and additional fees may apply depending on the type of work needed.