Featured Projects


The ARC VR App

The Augmented Reality Chamber, or ARC, is an immersive learning platform developed by Shenandoah University, the Institute for Interactive Performance, and Lineage Media and Solutions. Led by JJ Ruscella, this platform is built upon interactive performance in theatre and designed for education and training experiences. It is intended to create memorable experiences for participants as well as help train professionals for acting in VR. All sessions can be recorded for playback and review, while additionally generating a transcript of the experience.

Kodak Winning Fotos

KODAK Winning Fotos App and Website

This digital platform for photographers was designed to help people grow their skills through constructive, human feedback on each image submitted to themed photography showcases. Launched in cooperation with Kodak, this creative community can be accessed via Android and iOS apps, or through the website. Lineage developed the back and front end, as well as the apps. This project utilizes Simple Image Test as part of the underlying logic to determine showcase winners.


Intelligent Education

Intelligent Education is the teaching we wish we’d had, and the technology our students love. It is a virtual classroom experience, with VR scenes and 3D objects to enhance micro-lessons, on any device.

Development Projects

  • Education Axis

    Education Axis helps higher education institutions find the right students, who are already looking for the right school. Advanced algorithms support an easy-to-use widget and a robust admin dashboard.

  • Bittrex

    Lineage redesigned and deployed code for the front-end of Bittrex.com, a cryptocurrency day-trading site. The sleek new layout is accessible, functional, and elegant with heavy emphasis on intuitive UI design.

  • Magnifying the Universe

    Based on Magnifying the Universe’s website, we designed and developed an application to help users grasp the differing sizes between the vastest and the most infinitesimal of known objects.

  • Simple Image Test

    An early prototype of the KODAK Winning Fotos platform, this website used Mechanical Turk to provide insight into which image was considered better in context of criteria defined by the user.

  • CSF Connect

    Created for the Carson Scholars Foundation, this app allows both current and alumni users to build profiles and find other recipients within their geographic location. Available on both iOS and Android.

  • Influence Networks

    Influence Networks is a keyword driven text search platform. The patented algorithm returns a ranked list of influencers based on the search terms.

  • Amazon AR Project

    Lineage created a proof of concept demonstration that allowed for a physical object to receive virtual interactions. This POC also included the ability to use any object as an augmented reality tag.

  • Hyperlite

    This project controls an array of Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Studio Pro devices and Philips Hue light bulbs allowing our studio team to readily notify the entire office when the Studio is recording.

  • GRYP

    Lineage designed The GRYP website on the Shopify platform, created the branding and partnered with the client to choose photography and craft messaging to best showcase their product.

  • EDL to JSON Converter

    Our EDL to JSON converter allows teams using the Nokia OZO to utilize off-the-shelf hardware for their editors using proxy media, and then rapidly creates high-quality media for finishing.

  • Hololens IPD Manager

    Our tool takes the excellence of the Microsoft measurement technique and stores individual measurements, allowing the device to be shared and the HoloLens to be used with reduced mental and visual fatigue.

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