Meet Our Team

At Lineage Media and Solutions, we recognize the importance of having the right team members on each project. Transparency and genuine relationships are at the center of how we do business with our clients, employees, and strategic partners.

Our team includes software developers, designers, video producers, marketers, and product managers. With a wide range of experience across multiple disciplines, we can provide you with the best team for your project.

We’re gaming enthusiasts, coffee lovers, and adventure seekers. We care about creating quality work and enjoy doing it as a team.

Meet the Team

  • Aaron Linne

    Aaron Linne

  • Paul Mikos

    Paul Mikos

  • Brian Langhoff

    Brian Langhoff

    Director of Video Technology
  • Jennifer Chavez

    Jennifer Chavez

    Director of Creative Services
  • Kevin Stout

    Kevin Stout

    UX/UI Designer
  • Matthew Walden

    Matthew Walden

  • Kourtney Keisker

    Kourtney Keisker

  • Jessica Hayes

    Jessica Hayes

    Video Producer
  • Aaron Gill

    Aaron Gill

    Video Producer
  • Jen Evans

    Jen Evans

    Marketing Services Specialist
  • Pam Bauthues

    Pam Bauthues

    Marketing Specialist
  • Jana Gering

    Jana Gering

    Product Manager
  • Jonathan Watson

    Jonathan Watson

    Marketing Services Specialist
  • Chuck McKnight

    Chuck McKnight

    Research Specialist
  • Savannah Bass

    Savannah Bass

    Product Manager
  • Grete Matthews

    Grete Matthews

    Product Manager
  • Bobby Reinsch

    Bobby Reinsch

    Senior Web Developer
  • Tim Eicher

    Tim Eicher

    Senior Holographic Designer
  • Derek Poppe

    Derek Poppe

    Software Developer
  • Hailey Dangel

    Hailey Dangel

    Software Developer
  • Erin Rolffs

    Erin Rolffs

    Web Developer
  • Jonathan Gilson

    Jonathan Gilson

    Web Developer
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